Issue 04



Heattech’s Feel the Warmth Campaign UNIQLO Delivers “Warmth!” to 200,000 People around the World

Under the slogan of “Feel the Warmth - For People Living Winter to the Fullest.” UNIQLO has delivered free HEATTECH garments to a large number of people across the world who work hard in cold winter.
UNIQLO has also launched a special website, on which users enjoying warmth offered by HEATTECH were invited to leave their messages, which have been made public.
The Feel the Warmth Campaign reflects UNIQLO’s wish to warm up people worldwide working hard in cold winter with HEATTECH garments, The year 2014 is the fourth year since the campaign was launched. During this year, UNIQLO has delivered HEATTECH garments, whose warmth and comfortable wearability have been further evolved, to some 200,000 people in 15 regions and countries. It is common to people in the world that they are happy when they feel warm in cold winter and this year, innumerable heartwarming messages have been delivered as well. A wide range of messages from children on football teams to the elderly in nursing homes to fishermen fighting against rough sea and to nursery school teachers chasing after children running around the school yard include some revealing unexpected “Wow! HEATTECH use,” which make site visitors amazed and impressed.
A variety of suggestions about HEATTECH have also been received from campaign winners, based on which UNIQLO will further improve the product so that it will continue to be evolved.
UNIQLO is committed to continuing to support people by warming them up with HEATTECH in winter all over the world for years to come and sincerely appreciates a number of responses and posts received.

From New York

NYC Bike Messengers x HEATTECH

This year, UNIQLO USA partnered with New York City bike messengers to make their winter warmer with HEATTECH. The bike messengers of New York City are responsible for making deliveries all across the city, no matter the time and no matter the weather. When temperatures drop, the difference between a good day and a bad day lies in what they are wearing. Being a bike messenger in NYC during the winter not only means staying warm, it also means staying mobile. To that end, HEATTECH made the perfect partner for these road warriors. HEATTECH provides an affordable solution to the winter cold. HEATTECH is helping keep our NYC bike messengers warm, mobile, and stylish all at once. Ride on bike messengers, ride on.

From Paris

UNIQLO arrives in Parisian marketplaces to distribute 10000 HEATTECH t-shirts!

This year, from Novermber 9th to December 5th, from Paris and Strasbourg to Marseille, UNIQLO arranged small HEATTECH booths on local marketplaces, in order to distribute 10000 HEATTECH t-shirts amongst market customers. Customers had to find our staff on the booth to obtain a very special voucher which would be the key to redeem a free HEATTECH t-shirt in the nearest UNIQLO store. Once in the store, customers were guided to a HEATTECH unit where UNIQLO members would offer them the precious garment which will help them during all winter.
To promote this activity and the HEATTECH technology, UNIQLO has decided to ask for marketplaces merchants' help! Those people, working outside all year, suffering from wind and cold agressions, turned temporarily into models for this campaign. Pascal, Nawel, Gilberto, Irina and many others were pleased to discover the garment and to promote its benefits in their working life as well as their personal's.
Marketplaces in France, as in the rest of the world, traditionally are super popular places for centuries now. Everyone from France goes to the market. This is why UNIQLO choose to work with market merchants, who are the perfect embodiment of how HEATTECH can support everyday's life.


Japan Football Association “UNIQLO Soccer Kids” Festival held in Kumamoto

On Saturday November 27, the Japan Football Association (JFA) “UNIQLO Soccer Kids” event was held in Kumamoto Prefecture (on Japan’s main southern isle of Kyushu) at the Kumamoto Athletics Stadium supplementary field.

UNIQLO Soccer Kids is a “soccer festival” style occasion organized for preschoolers age 6 and under, designed to be fun and educational for all children in that age group. The event has been staged at a total of 14 major domes and soccer stadiums around Japan to date, with JFA set to continue its sponsorship of this activity nationwide from here on as well.

The Kumamoto event featured as guests the official mascot and actual members of Roasso Kumamoto, the local professional soccer team that plays in Japan’s J-League. Joining in the fun were 1,030 children from 92 teams.

The festival was also held in conjunction with the “Feel the Warmth” HEATTECH marketing campaign launched to help support “People working hard in winter.” In keeping with that theme, HEATTECH garments were handed out to all of the participating youngsters.

After donning the HEATTECH items and their Soccer Kids uniforms, the children took to the pitch to chase around the ball. The large number of parents and guardians on hand cheered them on enthusiastically.

The sight of the kids displaying their spirit in sprinting about to pass and shoot the ball, refusing to let the cool weather get them down, enveloped the entire field in a toasty warm and inspiring sensation.

The UNIQLO Soccer Kids Festival was a big success in these and other ways, with a grand time had by the children, spectators and sponsors alike.


HEATTECH Winter Hot Shooting

Every year, winter comes from chilly northern China to the south. People in different cities have different needs for warmth. To bring warmth to many different types of people, this year, we held an event called "Heattech Winter Hot Shooting" in 12 key cities from the north to the south. We tried to invite people to join the event and win "Heattech" by interactive mobile shooting.
People are very curious about Heattech as they have never heard of it before. They were able to learn about it through our on-site introduction, model and in-store Heattech corner. Through this event, people were delighted to learn that clothes can be more than warm. They can retain heat as well. This wonderful sampling activity made Heattech accessible to many people and helped spread warmth throughout China.


Jakarta's Scooterfixed Club With Uniqlo Heattech In The Morning Ride Touring

Scooterfixed club is one of Vespa rider club in Jakarta, our team member is around 50 people who has different type of Vespa motorbike. We love to ride together and going around the city during the weekend. We usually started from home very early in the morning and we meet each other at the meeting point and we do riding our Vespa together. December month is a raining season in Jakarta sometime hard and light rain, because of this condition sometime not possible for us to do morning ride. We know about Uniqlo because most of us are wearing ULD vest to protect us from the wind when we do riding, but not really aware about Heattech. One of a friend offer us to do Heattech Uniqlo, we are really surprised that Heattech could works better than our thick t-shirt. It gives us warmth and make us possible to do early morning ride without feel cold before we ride further. We like Heattech.


UNIQLO to Hold 'HEATTECH BOX' Customer Event

UNIQLO organized a customer event in line with 'Feel the Warmth' campaign to celebrate the launch of 2014 F/W HEATTECH from November 7 to November 30.

Customers visited HEATTECH special website and assigned one person, a family member or a friend, to whom they want to deliver "warmth", and wrote warmhearted messages. Then, UNIQLO selected 2,000 participants and delivered participants' messages to their loved ones as well as HEATTECH products wrapped in a HEATTECH box.

"It has been 12 years since we’ve met. In happiness and sorrow, you were always there for me. Thank you! I heard this winter is cold. This is for you!"
"Professor Park, it has been long since we’ve met! I miss you! Still, you know… you will be always in my heart."
"Dear my daughter Go-eun, Hopefully you won’t get a cold this winter with these HEATTECH! I love you. "

Until today(Nov. 21) approximately 29,000 customers left messages to their families, friends, colleagues, etc. UNIQLO could send out the message ‘Feel the Warmth’ as well as position HEATTECH as a perfect winter/year-end gift item.

I like the softness of it. I was imagining more like the bathing suit material but it feels more like normal T-shirts. It's a nice shape that suits women's body well. Long sleeve and white color is useful. Good price.

-New York, Dog Lovers

Comfortable, light weight. It's not bulky. I also like to wear them when I do sports. It makes me sweat a lot and also absorb the sweat. I love them, I wear from fall until early spring.

-New York, Farmer

Comfortable. Easy to move.I like it because it absorbs the sweat Keeps it dry.

-New York, musician